Demo 2014

by Serious Shit

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released July 24, 2014

Austin: Guitar, vocals
Al: Bass, vocals
John: Drums



all rights reserved


Serious Shit Fort Worth, Texas

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Track Name: Values Ascribed
add the sum
of values in my life
like no gods no masters
and the whole world is kin

these understandings
have pushed me along
to a life were i feel less controlled

but now i fear my apathy
has gotten the best of me
if i sit back
and watch the world burn
it'll be like i never learned

that this world is run by cheats
liars murderers and thieves
all hanging on in desperation
to their absurd beliefs
supernatural deities
Track Name: Inhumane Nature
want i want to know
is where this world will go
toxic atmosphere
societies driven by fear

and isn't a shame
the people left to blame
will rake in their profits
while we burn out in the flames

the traits were made aware
that makes man so unique
denying crucial realites
sells our world into the bleak

is this human nature?
to control
to destroy
an innate module for hate
that exists
in our minds
Track Name: Arrow of Time
all of my life
existence a game
stuck on the sideline
but who's left to blame

arrow carry me
to entropy
where nothing exists
then i'll be set free

if it's just a game
the ref must get paid
to keep things the same
so nothing will change

all of this god talk
getting me down
irrational belief
in some hippy clown
Track Name: More Useless Noise
i know this song
won’t change any minds
are these words just for me?

but I’m still trying to find
reasons for this inhumanity

time flies
we try
will things ever change?

people die
massive lies
its always been the same

i sit against
the concrete wall
my face to the ground

knowing it
all along
it’s just another sound
Track Name: Dark Skies and Abominations
the process that is lost
lies the hidden cost
human life
a commodity

we won’t unite as one
realize what we’ve done
it’ll be dark skies and abominations

the place
where humans once could thrive
is barely left alive
scorching the earth

destroying all our land
in the end
dark skies and abominations
Track Name: No, There's Nothing You Can Do. There's Nothing Anyone Can Do
i don't wanna say it again
but look at the mess we’re in

they all say that i’m not the same
and i haven’t been part of the game
but I’m not helping make change

i know that our time here is short
i wish i could make it stay

but i am left behind
in my apathy every day
eating away
all thats left of me